Hackathon Winning Team Shares Insights on Experience

Ashley Sava

A historical moment in Pipefy history occurred last week, as the company’s very first Hackathon, deemed a Scalathon, took place. These events are breeding grounds to try out those ideas that have been tossed around for months, but employees don’t have the time to pitch or test out during regular working hours. The goal was to find new ways to deliver more value to our clients and potential clients.

The winning team, composed of Carolina Karimata, Rodrigo Subirá, Samoel Marques, Paola Botelho and Leonardo Carreirão, spent their day working on a Satisfaction Guarantee idea to pitch to the panel. The concept was that new Pipefy clients who purchase an annual plan would be granted a money-back guarantee if they were not satisfied with their experience.

“We want to improve our annual contract rate, so by promising new clients who purchase the annual plan a 90-day money back guarantee (as long as they follow all the important onboarding steps) we should improve our closing metrics,” the team said.

Each member of the team presented their unique visions of the concept to the board, explaining the areas in which the guarantee would yield positive results, the criteria that would need to be fulfilled to smoothly execute the plan and all possible impacts of the idea.

“It really took teamwork to build the idea and structure it comprehensively,” the team added.

The Hackathon’s purpose was centered around finding solutions to deliver more value to clients. Adding value for customers is a Lean methodology that helps organizations flourish by increasing the quality of their products and services and by helping them to deliver more value to their customers while minimizing waste.

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Ashley Sava
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