How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing SEO


Over time, the technological pipeline has made some content marketers remain in chaos. With AI as the fast-evolving approach, the SEO pillars are however expected to become vital for future trades. The developing systems are expected to make work easier and reliable. So far, SEO has been taking considerable attention by marketers as it has become one of the primary tools for boosting sales. However, considerable attention should be given also to the integration of AI into SEO and how will it impact its functionality. So, read on and find out how AI will change SEO. 

What is the Future of SEO?

Recently we have witnessed a new trend of searching for information online. People have started practicing voice search with the help of AI in their smartphones or tablets to search for information online. This new way of search, thanks to the rapid development of AI,  has become more conversational thus providing digital marketers with new ways on how to target their customers. Tactica, an SEO company in New Jersey, said: “As more and more people continue using this new way of search, search engines will have to catch up and start ranking websites based on keywords that are more conversationally optimized”.

Additionally, the improvements of AI and the development in voice search will almost exclude black hat techniques completely. As the voice search is making the searches more conversational rather than focused on keywords, businesses that want to remain competitive and get ranked as high as possible should consider adding the voice search technique within their website.

2. Video and Image Intelligence

Imagine every time you search on How to fix your tie, would you find it easier by watching a tutorial or reading an article about it? Of course that you know a video is more helpful.

Search engines know this too. That is why every time your search for something like that, videos pop up. That said, search engines are also getting better at knowing what the video or image is actually about and this really changes things for visual creators. Now, in terms of SEO, they will have to think about keyword targeting, descriptions, tags, video length, and so on.

3. Increased emphasis on content quality, relevance, and focus

We can safely argue that a search is successful once the search intent and the search result provided for the intent are matched. Google has created the RankBrain, which is an artificially intelligent tool which aims to read and understand the context and content of websites. Based on this it is more important than ever to choose the best keywords and use them include them in your content. So the keyword density, relevance, and context are some of the most important ranking factors. If you will try and follow strategies like stuffing your content with keywords rather than answering what people really search for, you will end up losing your clients/followers. So the bottom line here is that you should try focusing on creating relevant keywords and orient your content towards that keyword and Google will learn your niche and compare your site to only your competition, thus helping you rank higher.

4. AMP websites and AMP Stories

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), is a project with the aim of allowing website content to open super fast. This open-source project makes it perfect for website owners to render the content almost instantly. This was a project initiated by Google but it isn’t solely supported by Google because other big names such as Bing, Baidu, and Twitter have shown interest on it.

Recently, Google has launched AMP Stories which allows to integrated stories in a website and by doing this your website will show on the Top Stories carousel. This technology is very young but giants such as CNN, The Washington Post, and Mashable have already implemented it.

By implementing AMP Stories users get the content in a Snapchat like a swipeable story instead of a regular result. Many users have started to use embedded stories on their sites which can be easily created in tools such as Ztorie.

AMP truly has revolutionized mobile search results.

Why Do Companies outsource SEO services from Europe?

For a company to get ranked well on the search engines, they need to consider hiring SEO experts. The SEO trends introduced by the experts are vigorous and ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest changes. In this way, your customers will find it easy to locate your business among the many in the sector.

Outsourcing to Europe has proven to be very beneficial since experts there have the necessary expertise to keep you highly competitive within your industry. Additionally,   unlike the other areas in the globe, you will find many cultures and languages. The unique benefit allows you to adapt and cater to different habits among people. For instance, the ways one interacts with your website will make you mission-driven.

Finally, the above listed are some principal means of how Artificial Intelligence is changing SEO. From both the technological side to digital marketers, the revolution boosts all systems. Every company can consider outsourcing to Europe the development services.

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