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Jeremy Raynolds
Pipefy used at Edubirdie

Management of content writers is a time-consuming, tedious mixture of tasks that must be accomplished according to deadlines and individual requests of each writer. Since a lot of small to medium businesses turn to outsourcing in their work, the distribution of most responsibilities or process mapping becomes crucial. The only solution that works efficiently in such a complex environment is the one that offers a balance between automation of tasks and analysis of incoming information by assigned team members. In the case of Edubirdie, a professional custom essay writing service, the challenges of content writer management have been addressed by Pipefy. This unique solution has allowed the company to save essential resources and time by working with a platform where automation, security and accessibility come together. 

How Pipefy Offers the Ultimate Management Solution 

When it comes down to content writing duties, there are specific requirements that must be met, which leads to compatibility and time management issues. According to most Edubirdie employees, there was an urgent need for a platform to assist with the automation of diverse writing tasks so that that content could be sorted and unified with a certain degree of clarity. Another issue related to confidentiality concerns, which meant that no client data could be revealed or leaked in what an end-user or outsourcer sees. Thankfully, Pipefy offers professional assistance in this and many other regards:

Content Tasks Automation 

There are numerous process templates sorted into accurate tabs. This great feature allows moving between data cards and updates diverse fields so that all incoming information triggers a relevant response. Once there is a parameter missing, the system instantly notifies the user. Based on events and conditions, Pipefy has allowed Edubirdie to meet the specified criteria of each content type. There are also helpful templates and guides that make the workflow easier. 

Connecting The Writing Processes

Content writing is always about collaboration and the involvement of writers that work remotely. The same relates to outsourcing, where the different teams involved in advertising and management tasks have to work in sync. It leads to the necessity of managing all the writing processes in the same domain. Pipefy solves this problem by offering unique information cards that can be shared and distributed across access groups. According to research in business task relations, a successful business strategy is a clever sequencing of tasks where functional dependencies are linked with a team that analyses available resources. Pipefy’s solution strives for equal access to information for all employees involved. 

Writing Tools Integration 

Transitioning to a new platform is never easy, especially if there are applications that team members have been using for months or years. Pipefy offers unique integration with most business communication and academic writing tools. There is native application support, including Slack, Gitlab, Github, or even such solutions as Google Hangouts. Moreover, there are API integrations based on GraphQL language, which offer flexible solutions. Even if a particular app is not included in the official list, it is most likely that it will provide flexible integration.

A good example is Grammarly, which is essential for checking the accuracy of the content that arrives from outsourcing writers. Essentially, anything from Google Docs, Focus Writer to Evernote or Google Sheets is supported, depending on a program of personal choice. Pipefy provides an excellent opportunity to use native applications for most writing tasks. 

Email Communication is in Common Again

Indeed, good old email communication is back in the game again without confusion or time delays. Pipefy has allowed keeping process mapping challenges under control with great email and process templates. As the experience of Edubirdie shows, exchanging data with outsourcing writers based upon templates proved as highly efficient because each email message included essential links and references, so all writers always knew the basic guidelines of each task. The managers, in their turn, could use templates as a way to sort information and update customers regarding the current status of each assignment. It also proved useful with the revision requests, which allowed content writers to keep track of immediate changes or help requests. 

Academic Databases Access 

An important part of Pipefy is its unique access to different academic writing and scientific databases. Granting access to databases like Springer, Medlib or Jstor, both managers and content writers can quickly check for sources or consult scientific journals. Once Pipefy has been integrated, Edubirdie could save time on looking for external resources because everything has already been implemented in this handy solution. One notable aspect of this integration is an instant information flow that allows direct copying of crucial data to information cards or exchanging it with the management team. In terms of content writing help, access to popular academic writing databases with helpful templates has allowed grading and quality control teams to check with the guidelines in case of any concerns.

Administrative Control 

Most companies and content managers will be familiar with the access groups, but Pipefy walks an extra mike to make admin control deeper. For example, Edubirdie managers have set up special sensitive information access groups for the tasks that deal with healthcare or religious studies information, so such writing tasks are distributed only among the top writers or most reliable individuals. It means that sensitive data is kept under strict control and is not available to new content writers. Likewise, team leaders or quality control personnel also have their access group rules, which allows them to check up with the writer’s progress and personal history. 

Security and Confidentiality 

There are public and private pipes or information cards, which provide additional benefits in terms of security. Additionally, there is a mobile app interface, which grants access from anywhere and anytime. It is especially crucial for companies like Edubirdie, which have to stay online 24/7. Since there is 2-factor authentication, there is no need to worry about access issues or information theft. Thanks to the access groups, there is no risk that an average team member will see files related to team leaders. The same can be said about the use of familiar applications, which are integrated into Pipefy because there is no need to go beyond an already existing security environment. 

Additional Analytic Tools in Pipefy 

Process mapping and analysis tools go hand in hand in Pipefy, which is also essential for Edubirdie’s successful management. There are special filters and approval forms that help analyze ongoing processes, but most importantly, Pipefy provides Metrics tools that help eliminate bottlenecks and optimize crucial processes. It is essential for the management of content writers because any writer with low-performance ratings can be easily singled out as the problem is automatically identified by one of the analysis tools. Likewise, there is an archive of past processes, which allows seeing what has been the most successful initiative. Different filter tools help to find last year’s content and the advanced reports feature for even more in-depth performance analysis. 

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