How to Design a Landing Page to Attract E-commerce Traffic

Smith Willas

In the contemporary digital market, E-commerce owners are constantly looking for ways to generate their sales. There are various techniques that these platforms are using to get an edge over their competitors.

‘According to Statista, it has been estimated that global sales revenue has reached $2.8 trillion in 2018. The image below gives a graphical representation of their research:Pipefy

First impressions are critical in every aspect of life and this is why it is advised that sales-generating landing pages are suitable for E-commerce businesses. If they do not like what they see, they will never take a second look. If you are a newbie, choose cpanel as a web hosting control panel because it is easy to use the features.

Sales-generating landing web pages, which are also called sales web pages, micro websites or online sales letters, are single-page websites that are dedicated to selling a single product.

A major advantage of these pages is that customers can order directly from the website using their PayPal Accounts or credit cards. E-commerce owners also uses gift card extensions to create unique gift codes to attract more customers. E-commerce companies often have tons of questions about lead generation, though.

For example, how can you get these potential E-commerce sales leads to your sales generating landing page? What should one do once they land on the page in question?

Truckloads of online traffic can be attracted to your landing page. It is estimated that global E-retailing leader Inc generated $141.92 billion in 2018. This is up  20% from last year.

We know it is not easy to impress your visitors with just a design of the sales-generating landing page to generate more sales. In this post, we will discuss how to design a sales-generating landing page that attracts traffic for E-commerce.

Suppose I have a web page that sells a $25 e-book. The book teaches readers how to publish, write and sell PDF books. It is very useful for me because it can get me a 32% conversion rate. In other words, out of every three people who click, one person will purchase the product.

An important element included on this page is a  sample video that demonstrates the product or company. Having video content on your page typically boosts sales and user engagement.

The headlines on the web page should include claims that support why ebooks are the best and easiest product to sell online. You are required to build credibility immediately on your landing pages. People are naturally skeptical about advertising due to the fear of getting scammed. Therefore, the design of your landing page will be judged immediately.

In the banner at the top of the web page, use the company logo and company name if you are a known company to establish trust.

Here are some of the important tips to improve the design of your E-Commerce website in order to drive more traffic:

Organized and Clean Design

The look and feel of the landing page of your E-commerce website has a huge impact on its effectiveness. The most important goal of your landing page should be to convert your visitors into your customers, so it is important to go after that higher conversion rate. Design your landing web page in such a manner that it makes use of the best practices of colors and images. This will l drive your desired visitors to visit your website more often.

Use Headers to Offer Value to Customers

In a good landing web page, one should offer good things and be able to explain why this offer is valuable. The headline of the landing page and subheading offers a great opportunity to promote the product you are offering. The most effective landing pages confirm the offer of the product using the headers for further explanation.

Making Your Web Pages Mobile Friendly

Your landing pages must be easily navigated on mobile devices because  30 percent of web activities are performed on mobile devices only. According to a survey by Statista, the number of mobile users is increasing globally every year.

Below is a graphical representation of their findings:

Mobile-friendly websites can effectively double conversion rates. All landing pages must look and feel amazing on a mobile device, while being easy to navigate, easy to reach CTAs and with speedy loading times. You can take advantage of customized themes for your E-commerce store so that your every webpage will be responsive and fast, upgrading your website performance.


An ideal and effective landing page cannot be created without conducting proper testing. Testing and traffic results can guide you through the audience journey on your page, giving you insight as to where they are getting lost and which elements are keeping them coming back for more.


In the contemporary online business world, you cannot risk losing a single visitor due to inefficient landing pages. Never let lackluster designs or weak page performance stand in the way of you and potential clients.

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Smith Willas
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