Marketing has changed, but not it’s essence

Felipe Navarro
marketing changes

Written by Felipe Navarro, Head of Marketing at SONDA Brazil.

The consumer’s journey has changed drastically over the last few years and goes on changing faster and faster as new tech is adopted. In the B2B market, technology has transformed a complex purchasing model in an even more influencing and challenging process and has also brought various players which previously couldn’t reach large corporations – which tended to restrict themselves to the same pool of suppliers.

With access to this new range of suppliers, information for decision-making process must be well distributed throughout the many mediums which clients may engage in prior to taking their decisions. Mashable tells of a 2015 survey in which it received over 100 billion searches a month. This indicates that digital channels such as SEO, blogs, social networks and other outlets have greater relevance and need further investment but primarily attention.

The greater issue while managing this range of channels is maintaining its linearity and adequately. As it’s been mentioned the digital revolution has changed the consumer’s journey, though it hasn’t changed the marketing. More tools, indicators and new more assertive possibilities to invest have been added for further control. What before may have cost millions to reach a large number of people today with the assistance of possibility of segmenting digital tools have increased the returns of any and every action taken. The different ways of controlling processes and indicators has also gained tools

Large, medium and small companies can positively reach and map out – and even influence – the customer’s journey. Knowledge and tools are more readily available making the marketing’s complexity leveling out the playing field despite different company sizes. What continues to set the difference is a company’s ability to know its customers, how to positively impact their purchase experience, how it can increase the number of influencers within the process in spite of the fact that the basis for marketing has maintained itself the same.

Written by
Felipe Navarro
I consider myself a professional in love with Marketing, communication and innovation focused on getting results. With over 10 years experience in Marketing and Communication within Strategic Planning and Innovation today I am responsible for the Marketing at SONDA Brazil, heading Integrated Communication, Digital Marketing, Product and Service Marketing, Marketing Operations, Marketing Intelligence and the Endomarketing fronts. I’m certified in Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing, with a Journalism degree, and postgraduate degrees in Integrated Marketing and Communication and Business Administration and have skills in S&OP, Demand Planning and Forecasting; Product and Service development; Growth Hacking; Service Design; Customer Experience; Design Thinking and Sprint. Throughout my work history, I’ve worked primarily in the technology, legal, sports and in media segments.

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