Marketing Professionals: Get Promoted at Work!

Marlon Garcia

Have you been working in the same position for a while and struggling to get promoted at work? Good news: you’ve reached one of the most important and intense stages of your professional life. But take it easy, you’re among plenty of professionals who are frequently searching for opportunities to grow and gain the visibility that earns the promotion.

Like any type of business, employees from creative agencies or marketing departments face many issues to prove their value within the company. Doing your work and meeting the managers’ expectations isn’t a differential anymore, actually it’s the bottom line employees can meet to survive in the business environment. 

So what should you do to be noticed and win the next promotion? There are some behaviors that top performing employees apply to justify the investment they want to receive.

There are two aspects involved in whether or not you score that better job: those that you have control over and those you don’t. Try to separate those two aspects and focus on what you can control, showing your boss you’re continuously improving as a professional.

Center your energy on what is in your command. Get prepared, learn new skills, build authority and a responsible image and keep in mind that you need to take the first step. Your promotion needs to be justified by your results, behavior, abilities and the value you’re adding to the company.

This is the most common characteristic between all top-performing professionals, from athletics to executives. To select a career coach means to have a figure in your life that will support you and help you come up with actionable insights, all necessary for your growth.

It doesn’t mean the coach is going to provide the answers to your problems. Every insight, idea and resolution must be made by you! 

With this figure supporting you, you can work toward an actionable plan. Being a go-getter with goals is certain to catch the attention of your managers, and your coach can give you the confidence to do so.

Of course, you will be competing against your colleagues if you are seeking a promotion, but never run over a coworker along the way. No one is going to support you as a professional if you do. Instead, focus on “we” rather than “I” and mentor team members when they are struggling. Collaboration is always the best choice for employees to grow together.

Being a team player isn’t only about work; it involves efforts from culture also. You can prove you’re a team player by developing a healthy environment for everyone. Promote some meetings, happy hours, celebrate colleagues’ birthday and make sure to get to know everyone you can. Communicate well and ensure your boss is updated on what you’re up to!

Knowledge is one of the most worth currencies in the corporate environment — especially in dynamic fields such as creative agencies and marketing teams, where everything changes so fast. Therefore, learning new things and improving skill sets will always be needed. Identify topics that have the potential to increase the company’s value and enhance your knowledge. 

Become a specialist in a relevant area within your industry. Those people usually become a reference in their fields, sharing all their knowledge with others and getting the spotlights directed to them. 

Start learning things in areas different from yours, and invest in soft skills. They can be powerful allies to support your performance in your career path, guiding your behavior to cultivate a healthy relationship with your boss and other team members.

Managers are often busy and not available to constantly keep up with employees’ performance. It’s not that they don’t care about your performance, but sometimes they get lost in the middle of projects. So to stand out, you should know all your measurable results yourself. After all, that simplifies your manager’s job. 

Creating and showing specific and objectives reports from what you’ve been accomplishing is an effective way to communicate your progress, and prove you’re ready to take on new challenges! 

Pipefy can help you reveal your work to managers while highlighting your performances and achievements. With the Deadline SLA Tracking, you will be able to be in control of your daily tasks, monitoring how long you take to deliver tasks and follow up on deadlines. 

Plus, the Advanced Reports and Metrics are features that help you grant meaningful information about performance within a precise duration. You can easily present to your boss how you’ve been performing along the way, offering valuable data about your work, achievements and highlights. 

The Automation feature will enable you to focus on the important and relevant jobs, rather than spending time on repetitive work and tasks that don’t aggregate any value to your outcomes. Picture how proud your boss would be if you come up with a tool that guarantees the employees are only working on tasks that absolutely deliver value to the agency or to the department.

Pipefy gives you better control of your routine, showing all your demands in a Calendar View and the My Tasks section, where you can visualize all your jobs in one single place, prioritize them according to your preferences and organize your workflow in an intuitive fashion.

For your professional development, it’s also crucial to take a step back. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Pay close attention when your manager is trying to give feedback, advice and tips on how to improve your performance. 

These behaviors will show your employer that you are an open-minded professional, able to receive critique, to continuously develop yourself and to tackle new opportunities.

With the ability to learn your own weaknesses and strengths, appreciate teamwork and open yourself up to feedback, your boss will easily identify your potential to take over a new position. Just don’t forget to demonstrate your results and achievements and be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

Written by
Marlon Garcia
Marlon is graduated at Design and currently, he's specializing in Marketing Management. He has a professional purpose, which guides his career in planning and making decisions — accomplish dreams, ideas and goals that impact people in a kind and constructive way.

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