What is event planning/management?

Event planning (and management) involves much more than most people normally think. When a person mentions that he/she is planning/organizing an event, people automatically assume it’s an easy job when, in reality, it involves much more than meets the eye.

Managing an event is a lot more about applying project management principles to real-life situations than planning a party.

I’m not saying that event planning doesn’t apply to party planning or small events, though. However, the strategic aspect of it becomes a lot more noticeable when it comes to large scale events such as conferences, conventions, rock concerts, etc.

What is event planning, then?

The process of planning an event normally starts by establishing the event’s goal (what it hopes to achieve) and studying the brand this event is being produced for.

Yes, it does apply to social events too. For example, if it’s a wedding party, it involves studying the bride and groom’s style and tastes, their history, personality, etc. The more thorough you are with the research, the more likely you are to please your customer.

Besides that, event planning also involves studying the target audience (the people that’ll attend the event) and then, with this initial information at hand, creating the general event concept.

To make that concept come true the event planner will also be responsible for coordinating all technical aspects of the event such as researching different supplier alternatives, keeping track of delivery dates/times and much more.

The event planning process also includes an assortment of activities besides the initial research such as budgeting, coordinating deliveries, arranging transportation, providing security, catering and much (much) more.

Even though the general concept of event encompasses a wide variety of situations, the overall dynamic of organizing an event remains the same whether you’re organizing a breakfast meeting for 5 executives or the World Cup.

With that in mind, Pipefy developed a customizable event planning template to help you and your team keep track of each and every detail of the events your planning.

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