Tips for improving teamwork

Teamwork is well, a lot of work. Heading a team no matter how big or small can be daunting. So, here are some tips to help you power through!

Getting to know your team members and letting them know you appreciate them are both very important to leading a strong team. Every person wants to be respected and given a little pat on the back at times. It’s human nature to yearn for other human’s approval. It has been since the first cave man showed the second caveman his digs! Don’t go overboard but a little appreciation can go a long way towards getting positive results from your peers.

Simple ideas to improve teamwork:

First, you need to make sure every person in the group is connected. Now I don’t mean you have to hold hands or follow each other to the bathroom, but being connected in a social community where each individual’s tasks and progress are publicly displayed will help to motivate  and inform the team to work together to get more done without you having to micromanage every small detail.

The next tip I have for you is, don’t slack. You know the saying there is no “I” in team, well it’s true. If the rest of your ensemble is working like a well-oiled machine while you lay back and take it easy, chances are you’re in for a train wreck, after all it’s the conductor who is supposed to be watching the track! You need to show your team mates that you are just as dedicated as they are by pulling your weight and getting your hands dirty. People are more likely to work harder if they feel everyone in the team is sharing equally in the workload, which includes the team leader, you.

And lastly, play to your team member’s individual strengths. This is a no brainer, if you have a person on your team who specializes in something use that to your advantage. Every single person has one thing they do better than others. Seek to find these places were each team member shines and assign their roles within the project accordingly. Putting each person on the task that is best suited for their skillset will not only make your project faster and more efficient, it will most likely keep your team more content as well.

The bottom line is that to work well with a team you need to know them, communicate with them, and show them respect. Go Teamwork!

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