Do you know what a workflow is?

What is a workflow? A valid question that you may be asking yourself on your business journey. Never fear! We are here to break down this and many other seemingly complicated concepts for you!

So…what is a workflow?

A workflow is the breakdown and execution of tasks in a business system. Tasks, documents, and information are moved along from one team member to another, each member performing a different action in a pre-determined order of procedure in order to increase efficiency and reduce wasted time and product which ultimately increases profitability and public image.

Having a defined workflow also has the advantage of making the process more transparent as a whole. Errors, inconsistencies, and innovations can all be overseen at the same time within the workflow leading to the gathering of information which can improve the process over time, making things run faster, with fewer errors and more precision.

This also gives upper management and team leaders a better idea of what is going on within the team so that they can make any changes quickly, modifying the process to meet real-time needs and deflect unexpected obstacles.

Defined workflows create a sense of accountability. Since each person in the process is assigned to an individual task, it is easy to tell which team member made that awesome highlight of the project work and who made the worst decision in the history of the company. Ok, so usually it’s not used to that extreme, but it is useful to see which members are working well and where they are doing the best work as well as the other side of the spectrum.

Workflows are a great management tool to gauge the performance of not only the team members, but the process as a whole. Data can be synchronized between systems and used to see the big picture of multiple projects as one. This can be used to improve future projects and assign team members to areas they previously excelled in.

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