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Take control over all your service requests no matter where they come from—email, web, text, public forms. Get more done in less time.

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Keep your employees productive and your customers happy. Pipefy can help

You manage a never-ending stream of requests from HR, finance, marketing, and customer success teams while keeping track of schedules and statuses. Use Pipefy to streamline and speed service request processing so you can meet your SLAs and be more efficient.


Automating manual tasks and projects helps to minimize errors, and gives you more time to focus on strategic activities.


Get visibility and know statuses, responsibilities, and due dates without chasing information in various tools or programs.


Ensure that things are done the right way, every time. Take control without compromising agility.

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Automate responses to employees and clients with email templates, so everyone is informed and no one feels left out.

Streamline processes by automating approval requests, assignments, updating databases, and moving cards, so you never miss a step.

Use Zapier or API to easily integrate Pipefy so you won't need to manually input data from one system to another.

Easily track and visualize the status of each request, including task completion and next steps.

Take control and never again misplace information while toggling back and forth among various apps.

Leverage greater visibility into your workflows: you'll easily spot bottlenecks, anticipate delays, and visualize workloads.

Standardize the creation of requests with mandatory fields, so you always get the information you need.

Standardize processes with conditional fields and mandatory steps so there's less wasted time because people know what steps to follow.

Minimize mistakes and rework so you can ensure high-quality execution, and high-quality output for you customers.

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