What is Business Process Management Software?

Organize your business today with BPM software

You depend on processes to get work done. But how often do you think about the processes behind your work? Unless you use business process management (BPM) — the ongoing practice of identifying, mapping, and optimizing processes — chances are that you’re relying on inefficient, outdated processes that are overdue for optimization. Producing better results and getting work done more quickly starts with BPM. 

BPM software is the technology that helps you organize and improve your organization’s processes. From expense reimbursement to employee onboarding, using a dedicated BPM platform makes improving your processes hassle-free.

BPM software helps you define and optimize the processes your organization relies on:

  • Model processes to ensure consistent results and identify inefficiencies
  • Optimize processes to improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line
  • Automate processes to save time and reduce manual errors

BPM Software Features

Pipefy is the definitive BPM platform that delivers all the features you need:

  • Link your processes together. For example, onboarding an employee connects to many other processes for training and daily work tasks. Pipefy lets you integrate all your processes together so teams are aligned and tasks proceed seamlessly.
  • Create rules for automating processes. When a customer signs their contract, send them the materials they need to kick off the project. Or get your team started on debugging as soon as work on the new version of your program is complete. Pipefy features custom automation rules for maximum efficiency.
  • Take advantage of valuable integrations. Manage customers with Salesforce or Zendesk, touch base with Slack, and integrate with hundreds of apps via Zapier.
  • Use hundreds of templates for all your departments’ processes: finance, HR, customer support, and more.
  • Do it all using an intuitive interface. Building a pipe is as easy as dragging and dropping cards. From daily tasks to months-long projects, you can manage them all in Pipefy, hassle-free.

BPM Software vs. Workflow Management Software

You might wonder whether there’s a substantial difference between BPM and workflow management software. And there is a distinction between workflows and processes. You can think of processes as the sum of all the steps employed to achieve a specific business goal, while a workflow is the codification of those steps, usually in the form of a diagram with supporting documentation.

However, it’s best not to get caught up in semantics: Pipefy lets you both optimize your business processes and build workflows, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Start Managing Processes with Pipefy

Pipefy is built for people who want process perfection. Eliminate the repetition, automate where it makes sense, enjoy enhanced visibility, and take control of the workflows you manage. 

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