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The Automation feature enables you to automatically trigger an action (such as move or create a card) when an event happens (such as create a new card or move an existing one).


You can also set up conditions. That  way, an automation will only be triggered when the event meets the specified criteria.

Automation works according to an event > action logic: when event X happens (a card is created or moved, for example), action Y will occur automatically (such as create a new card or move the parent card).

When setting up your automation you’ll choose all the event details: which pipe the card was created in, to which phase the card/connected card was moved to, etc.

You can also set up conditions (if you wish to) so that only certain events will trigger the automation.


You’ll also set up the action details, specifying on which pipe the new will be created in or to which phase the parent card must be moved to.

You’ll need to match the fields from the origin to the destination one (when it applies) so that the information is transmitted seamlessly.

To learn more about what automation and conditions are and how to set them up, check out our knowledge base content.

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