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Automatically send messages out with email templates

An email template is a standard message you can create to be sent out from a specific phase of your pipe. Email templates can be used to send messages automatically, whenever cards enter or leave a phase or manually by clicking a button inside the card.

Pipefy’s email template feature provides you with a simple way to update the users involved in a process.

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Using dynamic content

You can inform both internal (Pipefy users) and external people sending automated messages, and/or creating pre written email templates to leave at your team’s disposal on each phase.

You can use dynamic content when creating email templates (so that the text contains information from the card’s fields, such as the user’s name) as well as when setting them up (to fetch the recipient’s email address automatically from the card’s field as well).

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You can use email templates for:

  • Auto-sending confirmation messages whenever customers open support tickets;
  • Updating a customer about a request whenever the card moves from one phase to the other;
  • Auto-sending instructions to a new employee;
  • Automating sales outbound and follow-up emails.

To learn more about how Email Templates work and how to set them up, check out our knowledge base.

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