Take control of your Marketing Operations.
Say goodbye to chaos.

Leverage creativity by adding structure to marketing processes

Bring efficiency to your marketing operations by automating tasks and integrating processes. Improve communication with stakeholders, gain more visibility of your operations and reduce churn. It’s time to stop putting out fires and get back to creating with Pipefy.

Pipefy Pipefy

Centralize information in one place

Forget about navigating through emails and spreadsheets to find the information you need With Pipefy, it’ all centralized and accessible.

Pipefy Pipefy

Integrate your entire operation

You can not only connect your processes within Pipefy, but also integrate them with apps like Hubspot and SalesForce or even your business’ social media accounts.

Pipefy Pipefy

Standardize your team’s execution

Be sure every new lead is passing through the same flow and receiving all needed efforts to get them converted to new customers.

Pipefy Pipefy

Easily communicate to stakeholders

Create a smooth communication channel among prospects, requesters and departments.

Pipefy Pipefy

Get full control over every request

Visualize all that needs to be done, control the SLAs and easily track the status of each demand the marketing and sales teams are working on.

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