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From simple requests like benefits, PTO or remote work to more complex workflows, build centralized HR processes to increase team efficiency and improve employee experience.

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From vacation requests to hiring new employees, just tell Pipefy AI what you need in the interactive chat to create your custom workflow. Then, ask Pipefy AI to quickly gather insights into your operations — such as headcount, turnover, and eNPS — to make data-driven decisions and build a more strategic HR operation.

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Manage these and many other employee requests in a single platform

How James Delivery HR team attained 134% ROI in two months with Pipefy

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Pipefy helps companies around the world optimize HR request management

With Pipefy, we can email our field employees automatically. They receive confirmation as soon as their request is sent. It may seem simple, but considering each ticket demands several email messages, and multiplying that by over 100 requests, our team would be losing 3 to 4 hours a day.
Rafael Jefté
Operations Assistant at Alvaz
My team always looks for projects that pay for themselves. The work with Pipefy was one of those cases. We had our investment paid back from 3 to 5 months — talking only about costs.
Fabiano Carvalho
Director at Capgemini

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