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Design and automate business workflows in minutes

Increase efficiency and integrate end-to-end operations on a secure, low-code workflow and business process automation (BPA) platform

Request Management Software trusted by the world’s leading organizations

Business and IT collaborating to make work better

Human Resources (HR) ->

Focus on people, not the process. Eliminate manual tasks, automate processes, and promote efficient communication with candidates and employees.

Finance ->

Get full control and visibility over your operations, automate work and engage with vendors, approvers, and colleagues.

Procurement ->

Increase savings, standardize requisitions, streamline stakeholder management, and make time for more efficient sourcing.

Information Technology (IT) ->

Empower business teams with an easy and secure way to automate manual process, data alignment and communication needs.

Build your own ->

Empower teams to ditch spreadsheets and automate any workflow

The next frontier of no-code process automation

Tell Pipefy AI about the process you need - it creates the best possible version of your process every time. Pipefy AI reveals new insights, uncovers root causes, and gets deeper visibility into process and team performance.

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Resolve requests with heroic efficiency and precision

Colleagues, customers and partners make requests, and your team fulfills them. Now you control the workflow, so you can fulfill those requests quickly, correctly and reliably.


Automate busywork and focus on work that matters

The back office spends too much time with repeated tasks. Smart automation reduces that overhead so employees can focus on the interesting work that adds the most value.

Automatically report on every step in the process

Process analytics shouldn’t require you to pull data. When work happens, data happens. With Pipefy, your team does the work and the reports build themselves.


Extend the useful life of your existing platforms

Your ERP, AP, HRIS, or CRM systems were designed for stability, but your operations change daily. Pipefy helps you adjust gracefully to the daily changes to your business.

Integrate workflows across your app ecosystem

Do not manually load the output of one back-office system into another. If you can describe a process, from start to finish, Pipefy will be your low-code iPaaS connector.


Pipefy is a Leader in the G2 Grid for Business Process Management

BPM Software loved by high-performing teams

Before Pipefy I was lost in
e-mails and other tools, trying to get my team’s work on track. Now I have all my workflows in a place that’s easy to use, fairly priced and gives me the possibility to create my processes the way I need.

Cristiano Machado

CEO at Amplifique-me

The greatest Pipefy benefits were improving communication, gaining velocity in the processes, and getting faster returns. Everyone knows at what stage each recruitment is and the HR team doesn’t have to follow up with several people all the time.

Milene Almeida

Business Partner at James Delivery

Today, we’ve reached an 89% increase in efficiency inside the team, and we’ve reduced lead time in the accreditation process by 50%. As a result, people from the team stop executing only manual tasks and can also handle other demands.

Jefferson Jean Rocha e Silva

Customer Onboarding and Accreditation Coordinator at Vindi

Pipefy has streamlined my customer onboarding process. Now I know exactly why a service is delayed, who is responsible for it, and the status of each customer. From a manager’s perspective, it provides great visibility.

Marcelo Bentivoglio

CEO at Banfox

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