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Our Service Desk template is the perfect tool for teams looking to scale their IT tickets. Implement a complete solution in minutes with pre-defined service catalogs and ITIL-compatible processes. Automate the execution of recurring tickets and ensure the achievement of your key metrics, such as SLA and NPS.

Boost customer satisfaction

Integrate all channels through which tickets arrive, improving the requester’s experience. With Pipefy, you manage tickets on a single screen, increasing your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Use intuitive dashboards and reports to identify key issues and incidents, resolving their causes at once.

Automate the screening of tickets that arrive at the Service Desk, creating a smart queue to first resolve the most urgent issues.



Try Pipefy's IT Service Desk Template

Improve response rate

Manage incidents and requests quickly and easily with automations.


Connect softwares

Integrate Pipefy with software you already use, and transfer data easily.


Search data easily

Identify top offenders with reports and dashboards and avoid bottlenecks in the process.


Gather the essentials to get started

With this service desk template, collect key information quickly and error-free so the IT team can start screening and assigning requests. Gain full visibility over priority deliveries and their due dates.

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If necessary, you can escalate urgent deliverables to members of other teams to resolve unique or specific requests. All communication will be centralized within the ticket, so stakeholders can quickly see updates and efficiently resolve tickets.

And with automated email messaging, you can automatically send updates to requesters and inform them when a ticket is paused, prioritized, solved, or backlogged.

The key to a streamlined process

The service desk template has predefined settings that can be modified according to your business needs. You can also connect it to other IT templates inside Pipefy to improve communication between different departments.

This helps your company avoid operational mistakes and reduce ticket lead time.

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Track your team's performance

Create customized reports and dashboards by combining different filters to measure team performance, bottlenecks, ticket lead time, or cycle time.

Choose what data you want to analyze, share it with stakeholders, and improve your IT service desk operation.

Leverage Pipefy’s features and capabilities to build and manage error-proof processes. Download our IT service desk template, and try it for free for as long as you like.

Adapt this template for your needs and hit the ground running

Fast and simple to deploy

Get started with your process in minutes with this easy-to-use template.


Customize your unique needs without help from the IT department.

Wide app integrations

Connect your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing tools with Pipefy to build a truly integrated operation.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

Teams across the globe love Pipefy

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