The Software for Error-proof Processes

Enhance efficiency and
develop an error-proof operation

Creation of standards of execution using Pipefy. Pipefy

Standardize the processes

Avoid rework and low quality by creating standards of execution. Design how the process should work and step up your game.

Controling the operation through Pipefy tags. Pipefy

Control the operation

To make requests flow and to ensure the team’s accountable, Pipefy keeps you updated on everyone’s activities and deadlines.

Pipefy allows you to visualize activities in a kanban point of view. Pipefy

Visualize activities

Don’t wait until things go sour! Stay on top of what’s going on, spot bottlenecks ahead of time and build an error-proof operation.

Automated cards help you to avoid repetitive manual work. Pipefy

Automate work

Stop working harder and start working smarter: automate repetitive, manual work to focus on what really matters.

Pipefy allows you to visualize your requests in one place. Pipefy

Visualize your requests in one place

Stop losing information along the way! Receive and manage requests, feedback and demands in a single place.

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Companhies that trust on Pipefy, such as, Santander, IBM, Volvo, Coca-Cola and KraftHeinz.