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5S audits can reveal hidden challenges before they develop into larger, more problematic issues. With Pipefy’s 5S auditing Template it will be easier to regularly conduct a 5S audit, creating a continuous improvement cycle that keeps items organized and eliminates waste.

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Start Form

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1. Sort Checklist

  • Items/supplies on surfaces have been sorted, separating needed (used frequently) from unneeded (used infrequently or not at all).
  • Items/supplies in bookcases or on shelves have been sorted, separating needed from unneeded (available electronically or not needed at location)
  • Items in cupboards or drawers, including desk and file drawers, have been sorted, separating needed from unneeded (available electronically or not needed at location)
  • Needed items (in cupboards, drawers, bookshelves, on surfaces, or floors) have been placed at the closest location to where they are used the most to minimize the waste of motion
  • Unneeded items have been removed from the work area
  • Work agreements for the above are documented and all staff know where to find the agreements

Set in Order

1. Setting in order

  • Locations of needed items are labeled and items are in correct locations
  • Required quantities for needed items are determined (par levels), including items in desk drawers and in bookshelves
  • Locations for movable items are labeled, and items are placed in correct locations (white board/ laminated card/label on wall can be used)
  • Visual controls and indicators are established including: Posted map of area, including individual room maps
  • There is Labeling indicating contents of drawers and cupboards (a new person should be able to locate without assistance)


  1. Checklist
    • Work areas and equipment are stocked and organized on a consistent basis according to 5S agreements and schedules
    • Members of the work group follow 5S agreements on a daily basis.
    • Sources and frequency of 5S problems are documented as part of routine work by all staff
    • Surfaces are cleaned and clear of dust and debris
    • Checklists are utilized to identify ongoing Shine duties and the status of these are up‐to‐date


1. Checklist

  • There is a 5S agreement in place and all employees know where it is located
  • Leadership can explain why 5S is important
  • All staff can explain the importance of 5S
  • There is a standard process for training and orienting new staff to the 5S system
  • There is a process in place to ensure unnecessary items do not “creep” back into the work area


1. Checklist

  • 5S plans and action updates are clearly displayed and current
  • Success stories are displayed and confirmed for improvement
  • Staff 5S roles are clearly identified
  • Department audits and subsequent improvement plans are displayed and current
  • Are work instructions and procedures available in the workplace regularly reviewed/kept up to date?
  • Are display boards, activity charts, notice boards, etc. up to date and regularly checked?

Evaluation and Next Steps


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