Creative Brief Template


Pipefy’s Free Creative Brief Template was specially developed to guide the first steps of your creative process on the road to success!

Understanding your customer’s needs and the project’s target audience, as well as the key benefits of the project, will help you create a strong brief for a strong campaign.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Creative Brief Template?

  • Helps guide your creative team’s work towards a specific creative direction
  • Makes it easier to clarify the project, ensuring you’ll gather all necessary information about the customer and the campaign’s target audience
  • Ensures every step of the creative brief is organized
  • Gathers all your ideas and campaign information in a single place

Creative Brief Start Form

  • What’s the customer’s name?
  • What’s the customer’s email?
  • What’s the name of the project?
  • Who’s responsible for this brief?



What does this project wish to achieve? Specify the goals so you can guide your ideas!


Make a promise to your customer’s audience! Remember, you have to be able to deliver and support it!


All done with the brief! Time to get the creative team working on it!


The idea was good, but something got in the way…archive it! Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll get back to it…