Customer Success Management


The way a company manages its customers can determine whether their outcome will be good or bad. A Customer Success Process creates a roadmap with defined tasks, milestones, and alignment throughout the whole lifecycle of a company’s account.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Assignee
  2. Company Name
  3. Account size
  4. Contact person
  5. Contact e-mail

Make the first contact with your new customer.

  1. Handoff Sales
  2. 1st Contact Attempt
    • Replied
    • Didn’t Reply
  3. 2nd Contact Attempt
    • Replied
    • Didn’t Reply
  4. 3rd Contact Attempt
    • Replied
    • Didn’t Reply
  5. Detail how was your contact with the new customer

If the customer needs aid in the implementation, define how it will be done.

  1. Implementation needed?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Next implementation meeting
  3. Next steps

Follow up the adoption process.

  1. Feature Requests
  2. Websession after X days
  3. Total User Count After X days
  4. Next Follow-up

Nurture these new customers and find out their requests.

  1. Bugs found
  2. Client’s requests

Periodic Review
Perform a periodic review on this customer needs and search for expansion opportunities.

  1. Next Review
  2. Case study opportunity?
    • Yes
    • No
  3. Is there an expansion opportunity?
  4. How the expansion process will be performed?


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