Equipment repair request


Manage your equipment insurance requests and repair process in a single pipe. Set an SLA, organize the steps and check if it is covered by the insurance policy or not.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Service request number
  2. Request date
  3. Request type
    • Insurance
    • Product complaint
  4. Department
    • Technical Assistance
    • Accounting
    • Logistics
    • IT
  5. Company name
  6. Client name
  7. Email
  8. Phone number
  9. Full address
  10. Equipment type
  11. Manufacturer
  12. Model
  13. Serial number
  14. Issue description
  15. Attachments
  16. Suggested solution

Awaiting equipment

  1. Did the customer send the equipment
    • Yes
    • No

Evaluation and report

  1. Technical report

Insurance approval

  1. Is it covered by the insurance?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. If not, but it can still be fixed, attach a quotation to be sent to the customer.


  1. Repair report
  2. Reason for failure
    • Bad product specification
    • Equipment misusage
    • Manufacturing issue
  3. Detailing
  4. Required work hours
  5. Repair cost


Not covered by insurance

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