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Pipefy’s Free Feature Release template is a step-by-step process, specially designed to help your company’s product management team organize the releasing of new features.

This template will help you to plan the communication, release the feature for beta testing and spread the word about it when you set it live.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


Define the priority of releasing each feature!

  • 1. What's the priority?

    • Critical
    • High Priority
    • Neutral
    • Low Priority
    • Unknown


Get your beta version out there and check whether our new feature achieves user’s expectations.

  • 1. Beta checklist

    • Internal tests
    • Invite target users to try out the new feature
  • 2. Which beta users are testing?

  • 3. Beta invite communication

  • 4. Beta users feedback

  • 5. Did the feature tests achieved its expected results?


Time to build the communication strategy for the feature release: how will we let our customers know what changed?

  • 1. What are the communication guidelines?

  • 2. Updates/communication checklist

    • Update help documents
    • Update landing pages
    • Send email to the user base
    • Send in-app message to affected users
    • Post on blog
    • Post on twitter
    • Post on facebook page

Public Release

Show time! Let the users know what’s new! Make sure the communications are released before the feature is out!

  • 1. Was the feature released?

  • 2. When was the feature released?

  • 3. Was the communication released?

  • 4. When was the communication released?


Congratulations! Your new feature is up and running!


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