Product Roadmap Template


Pipefy’s free product roadmap template will teach you how to prioritize your product’s features by following the market’s product management best practices.

From defining the type of improvement to advanced impact measurement on your goals, everything you need to plan your product’s future can be found here.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Product Roadmap Template?

  • Visually tells what features the team must ship first
  • Choose a success metric for each new feature
  • Helps you define goals to be achieved by each feature
  • Forecasts the chances of a new feature being successful
  • Defines where the improvement impacts the customer’s perception/experience (awareness, acquisition, activation, conversion, frequency, etc.)
  • Allows you to properly measure your improvements
  • Helps you define the feature’s/improvement’s audience
  • Offers a step by step process not only to release a new feature but also update your docs and market what’s new

Product Roadmap Start Form

  • Feature/Improvement name
  • Feature or improvement impact
    • Retention
    • Activation
    • Acquisition
    • Revenue
    • Referral
  • Feature or improvement details



This is your directory of new features and improvements! Define it!

Feature backlog

Define your new feature/improvement the best way you can!

  • 1. Priority
    • Critical
    • High Priority
    • Neutral
    • Low Priority

In progress

Prioritized features/improvements waiting to be shipped!


Time to run some tests and check whether our new feature/improvement achieved user’s expectations!

Public release

Show time! Let’s spread the word about what’s new!


Congratulations! Your new feature/improvement is up and running!