IT Change Management


Change management systems are focused on coordinating and executing changes to IT systems and infrastructure in modern companies.
Cards are created when a change is demanded from someone in the team.
The card will go from the backlog phase through an approval phase. If it is not approved, the change request should be archived. If the responsible person approves the change it should be moved to implementation.
The responsible person will implement the change and then move the card to the Change Committee’s phase.
The Change Committee will evaluate the impacts the change will have.

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Template structure

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Start Form

  1. Environment
    • Homologation
    • Production
  2. Change type
    • Planned
    • Emergency
  3. Category
    • Systems
    • Infrastructure
  4. Configuration Item
  5. System
  6. Version
  7. Attachment
  8. Title
  9. Description
  10. Reason for change request
  11. Risks and impacts
  12. Impacts of not implementing the change
  13. Change plan



  1. Approval assignee
  2. Approval
    • Approved
    • Not approved


  1. Implementation assignee
  2. Details
  3. Attachment

Change Committee

  1. Is rollback needed?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Change activation date and time
  3. Production assignee
  4. Involved areas
  5. Overview
  6. Impact evaluation
  7. Job effort
  8. Start
  9. End
  10. Reasons and notes



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