Kaizen Actions Management through the 5S


Pipefy’s Kaizen Actions Management Through the 5S Free Template is designed for those who want to implement a culture of self-discipline and continuous improvement within everyone in the organization.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  • 1. Who needs to improve?

  • 2. What needs improvement?

  • 3. Where are the improvement needed?

  • 4. When?

  • 5. Why does it need to be improved?

  • 6. How is it going to be improved?

  • 7. Priority


  • 1. Checklist

    • Analyze the current process
    • Draft the ideal process
    • Bring forward everything that needs to be improved in order to achieve the goal
    • Set up a plan of action
  • 2. Analysis of the whole process involving the improvement

  • 3. Attachments


  • 1. List all the most needed resources in order to keep working efficiently.

  • 2. List everything that is useless.

  • 3. Let's do this!

    • Make sure you get rid of everything that does not prove itself necessary.

Set in order

  • 1. Checklist

    • Allocate every resource to where it should be
    • Establish patterns of organization
    • Make sure everyone follows the patterns

  • 3. Make sure you are the example!


  • 1. Checklist

    • Eliminate all the dust
    • Learn how not to make it "dusty"
    • Teach everyone

  • 3. Discipline is KEY!


  • 1. Checklist

    • Develop a clean view of what needs to be done and where it should be done
    • Develop signs/boards to enhance the visual communication
    • Make sure everyone is able to see the signs with no difficulty

  • 3. Visuality is essential!


  • 1. Checklist

    • Follow all the rules
    • Make sure others follow you
    • Train your resources daily
    • Promote self-discipline within everyone
    • Develop a brand new culture to the inside of the organization

  • 3. Self-discipline!



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