Manufacturing management


Pipefy’s Manufacturing Management is designed to assist with the production process in a factory. Through this model you can receive customer orders, schedule production according to available resources, and track both manufacturing and delivery steps.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Customer
  2. Requester’s name
  3. Requester’s email
  4. Requester’s phone
  5. Part name
  6. Part number
  7. Quantity
  8. Delivery date
  9. Details


  1. Production controller
  2. Request number
  3. Scheduled production date
  4. Scheduled production time
  5. Priority
  6. Enter the amount of raw materials needed.
  7. Inform the machines and workstations required for production.
  8. Inform the human resources needed for production.
  9. If necessary, please provide additional details about the production.
  10. Estimated total time of order production

Pending production

  1. Production supervisor
  2. If there is any problem at this stage, please report here.

In production

  1. Production start date and time
  2. Production end date and time
  3. Have any quality problems been detected during production?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. If yes, list the number of defective parts.
  5. Please report relevant production information (eventual problems, delays, suggestions for improvement, etc.)

Ready for delivery

  1. Logistics supervisor
  2. Scheduled date and time of delivery
  3. Were the products produced according to the order?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. If there is any problem at this stage, please report here.
  5. Please attach here the invoice.


  1. Date and time the order came out.
  2. Date and time the order arrived at the client.
  3. If there is any problem at this stage, please report here.

Delivered orders

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