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Learn how to develop a Marketing Strategy for your company simply by following the steps in this template. You have an intuitive way to create and define your marketing strategy, from audience definition to media selection to tracking results.

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Template structure

Every field and phase is customizable, you can adapt to your company and market as you wish!

Start Form

  1. What is the product you will to sell?
  2. Your company name:
  3. Responsability of:

Audience Definition

  1. Who is most likely to buy your product?
  2. What is the most common age range?
  3. They spend most part of the day doing what?
  4. Who will definitely NOT buying your product?
  5. Notes

Pains & Needs

  1. What are the main problems the customers face?
  2. Why do they want to solve this problem?
  3. How they’re routine will be after solving the problem?
  4. The customers will have a personal gain after solving the problem?

Product Fit

  1. How your product solve the problem?
  2. What is unique in your product?
  3. What are the main features your customers will use?
  4. List your top 5 competitors
  5. About your competitors
    • They have a similar or better product
    • The prices are lower
    • The customer support is better
    • The product is easier to use
    • My company is better at everything
  6. Why the customers will choose your product over the competition?
  7. Opportunities for the next years
  8. Threats for the next years

Messaging & Assets

  1. Why someone should do business with you?
  2. Boilerplate text
  3. Call to action
  4. Top 10 keywords
  5. Content production
    • Landing Page
    • Blog Post
    • Ebook
    • Sales presentation
    • Related pictures

Media Selection

  1. Social media
    • Instagram page
    • Facebook page
    • Youtube channel
    • Google Maps
  2. Paid campaigns
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Youtube Ads
    • E-mail lists
    • Offline media
    • Forums engagement
    • Events participation
    • Public relations
  3. Paid campaigns should start at:

Track and Measurement

  1. The ultimate success metric is:
    • CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)
    • ROI (Return on Investment)
    • ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)
  2. Other important metrics:
    • Conversion rate
    • Activation rate
    • Opportunities open rate
    • Contact rate
    • Downloads rate
    • Watch time
    • Time on the page
  3. The metrics will be measured in:
  4. Frequency for check the results
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Biweekly
    • Monthly
  5. Select who should be aware of this plan

Finished Campaigns

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