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Pipefy’s Free Web Design Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed to help web designers better manage and organize their projects.

This template will guide you through each phase of the development of web design projects, helping you with quick identification of each project’s phase and status as well as what should be done in each phase.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. Remember, this is just an example – you can always customize it.

Project Definition

Gather information to develop the website!

  1. Interview with the customer
  2. Attach the interview file
  3. Goals
  4. Target audience
  5. Messages
  6. Competition
  7. What are this website’s personas?
  8. What are the website’s technical specifications?
  9. What’s the project’s due date?

Site Structure

Time to define how the website is going to work!

  1.  Functionality outline (attachment)
  2. Site diagram (attachment)
  3. Page description diagram (attachment)
  4. Wireframes (attachment)

Visual Design

Define the website’s look and present it to the customer to get feedback on it.

  1. Visual design draft (attachment)
  2. Did the customer approve the design?
  3. What’s the customer’s feedback on the visual design?
  4. Refined design (attachment)
  5. Approved design (attachment)

Site Development

Time to get your hands dirty and build the website!

  1. Do the tech specs need to be adjusted/refined?
  2. Does the project due date need to be adjusted?

Test and Refine

Look out for bugs and errors!

  1. Website quality assurance testing checklist
    • Proofread the content
    • Test it using the most popular web browsers
    • Test it using the most popular devices
    • Validate all links
    • Validate font and styles
    • Validate site security
    • Validate all online forms
    • Validate whether email notifications are sent as expected
    • Validate any custom functionality is working as expected


Set the website live and determine the maintenance plan.

  1. Was the website launched?
  2. What is the website URL?
  3. Maintenance plan (attachment)


Congratulations! This project is up and running!


Here go all project that, for any reason, didn’t get finished.

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