Ad Agencies Processes

Improve planning, oversight, and communication with Pipefy for process management.

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Process templates to run your Ad Agency

Give efficiency a needed boost with Pipefy

Mobile and native apps

Follow up on processes anywhere via mobile and integrate with native apps.

Optimal oversight

Effectively oversee and manage processes using reports, notifications, and SLAs.

Easy customization

Customize processes in a matter of minutes to better fit your agency’s needs.

Fast deploy with no-code

No IT investment needed. Get started right away with our no-code platform.

Assignee tracking

Track assignee progress with timesheets and customizable reports.

Organizational reports

Generate organization-level reports to get an overview of your agency and find bottlenecks.


Advanced reports

Generate customizable reports to track progress, get an overview of your agency, and find process bottlenecks.

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Email messaging

Centralize communications and easily preview email history by sending messages directly from Pipefy.

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SLA tracking

Stay on top of tasks, track progress, and improve efficiency with SLA tracking. Know when and why tasks are on hold to keep your processes flowing.

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Public forms

Public forms complement workflow processes in which a business operation needs information from a third party. Tailor your public forms to match your company’s design and brand.

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Boost productivity and resource management

Better manage resources in your Ad Agency with Pipefy.