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Growth Hacking Experiments Template


Growth strategies refined across over 1,200 startups, tightened up as a template you can start using right now.

Pipefy’s Growth Hacking Experiments was developed by the 500 Startups Distro Team, inspired by Brian Balfour, Growth VP @Hubspot. Here’s what he has to say about “The Scientific Method: How to Design & Track Viral Growth Experiments”:

“It’s not just about viral experiments, we use this as a foundation for everything we do in the growth team at Hubspot”

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Growth Hacking Experiments Template?

  • Helps yoyu choose a success metric to track during the test
  • Allows you to define goals to be achieved by the experiment
  • Forecasts the chances of being successful
  • Defines where the experiment will impact (awareness, acquisition, activation, conversion, frequency, etc.)
  • Properly measures your results
  • Defines your experiment’s audience
  • Clearly defines your hypothesis
  • Shares an effort estimation to run the tests

Growth Hacking Experiments Start Form

  • What is your idea?
  • Where does it impact?:

    • Acquisition
    • Activation
    • Retention
    • Revenue
    • Referral
  • Describe your experiment:



Describe your experiment: its goals, desired impact – all the necessary info to prioritize your test.


Define this experiment’s priority and decide what should be done first, what comes next and what can wait…

Build it

Here go the tests currently being built by the team. Once they’re ready, start running them as soon as possible.


Show time! Run your cool experiment, collect data and discover if it was successful!


Was the experiment a success? Here’s where you’ll check if your experiment achieved its targeted improvement goals.




Oh well, we can’t win them all…


Gathering dust…