Find out how financial management software Nibo improved their customer onboarding and boosted their customer success with Pipefy

“Pipefy offers us most of what we need to keep track of our Customer Success process. It’s no longer a luxury to have it, we literally need Pipefy to run our processes.”

Nibo is a financial management software that aims to help companies and offices all over Brazil simplify management by offering the best tools. It was founded in 2012 by 3 entrepreneurs that felt the need for a simple but robust software to make office’s financial routines easier.

According to Bruno Ceccato, Nibo’s Customer Success coordinator, they have a big dream of becoming the biggest company for accountants in Brazil, focusing on rescuing the value of the accountants.

They’ve realized most of the accounting industry relied on obsolete softwares, in need of technology, processes, automation, etc.

Nibo is a young, innovative company, dedicated to making the routines of thousands of companies in Brazil. Currently, over 50 thousand companies use it to manage their accounts payable and receivable, making accounting a lot easier.

The company’s CEO, Gabriel Gaspar, saw an opportunity to increase the efficiency and organization of accounting processes. Nibo makes both the accountant’s and the customer’s lives easier: by automating processes that were previously done manually, it increases efficiency and saves time.

He saw an opportunity of increasing efficiency and organization on the accounting offices in Brasil. Nibo’s goal is to help accountants migrate all their information. Currently, the largest part of an accountant’s job is manual: he has a lot of processes and tools that don’t integrate between them, generating a lot of manual labour for the team.

“The solution we though was simple: offer the accountant’s customer a financial management tool that was simple, easy to use and cost-effective. That tool would allow people to input accounts payable, receivable […] It’s a huge benefit for the accountant’s clients: besides helping them organize their finances, Nibo allows the accountants to use all the information the client input into the system on their accounting interface. “

Nibo and Pipefy:

Pipefy was first introduced to Nibo due the need they had to organize their newly created Customer Success team – after the sales process was consolidated, they needed to have team to take care of the customer experience.

They needed a tool to help them improve their customer onboarding and measure it, but they were lacking the metrics, tools and processes.

“We needed to improve our onboarding process and analyse the results. We’ve realised that it was crucial for the customer to see what the tool was worth early on, so we needed to keep track of how much time it stayed on each step of the process. After we’ve built our new onboarding process, we needed a tool that allowed is to control it: Pipefy was the chosen one.”

How this success story started…

Nibo needed a tool to help organize and manage their Customer Success team and when once they’ve realised Pipefy offered everything they were looking for, they worked fast to implement it.

The CS team at Nibo uses a lot of Pipefy’s features: checklists, due dates, late/expired alertsemail templates, attachment fields to manage contracts and other documents, etc.

“Pipefy’s checklists help us a lot, it really helps people understand what needs to be done on each phase. Nowadays, we use checklists a lot more like reminders of what needs to be done. […] It (the software they were using before) didn’t have late alerts: now we’re able to keep track of all the customers that are at a certain phase for too long.”

Pipefy has greatly improved the organization of Nibo’s processes and now they keep track of many process-related metrics, such as SLAs, number of finished onboardings, etc.

The most important metric, according to Bruno, is the time on each phase “we control the flow of information, how many cards pass through the pipe on that week, how many customer’s went through the whole process […]. We extract a lot of our churn and “end of process” metrics from Pipefy, it surely impacts our metrics”.

The CS coordinator points out that his team is very productive and Pipefy plays an essential part in it: “Pipefy offers us most of what we need to keep track of our Customer Success process. It’s no longer a luxury to have it, we literally need Pipefy to run our process”.

  • Interviewee: Bruno Ceccato, Customer Success Coordinator
  • Company based in: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Using Pipefy since: August, 2015

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