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Bring Lean Process Management best practices to your department with a powerful cloud platform.

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Digital Transformation in your business

Fast deploy

Build custom processes in minutes without involving IT, and achieve full adoption in weeks.

Automate processes and integrate with RPA

Streamline processes that RPA doesn’t cover and create a fluid handoff between RPA and human workers.

Approval flows

Easily streamline approvals and prevent bottlenecks with this automated feature.

Easy to customize

Our intuitive platform empowers business users to create and customize their own processes.

Process templates

Choose from thousands of pre-built process templates or create your own from scratch.

Digitize unstructured data

Digitize and streamline data for human use that robotic process automation can’t process.

Easily customizable

Pipefy is an intuitive platform for business process management. Our editor allows you to customize your processes quickly and without IT help.

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Kanban View

Using our Kanban view keep track of all yours activities and easily visualize your work. Keep all important information about your process in a single platform.

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Advanced reports

Identify bottlenecks and improvement areas in your business processes by generating advanced reports.

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What our customers have to say

Pipefy is a powerful lean management software that enables companies and teams of all sizes to run multiple processes in a single platform, ensuring efficiency and solid execution standards.

With an easy to use Kanban interface, Pipefy can be fully customized to meet each company’s needs without technical expertise or IT support.


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