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Through Lean, Pipefy empowers marketing and communication teams to build and deliver valuable campaigns and projects.

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The rise of Lean is changing the way marketing and communication teams manage their activities. Applying Lean principles to your team’s routine will allow you to deliver value to the customer, eliminating any waste and improving processes.

Marketing efforts include a range of different activities, such as advertising, market research, communication, content creation, social media and so on. Like any other department or team, Marketing has unique issues to solve and processes to improve. To deal with that, Lean transformation is needed.

Lean Marketing results in short lead-time, high-quality content, conversion rates improve and more

Start being Lean

Lean marketing teams follow a standardized process to manage all the activities. Lean principles support those teams to structure, organize and optimize processes, enabling them to work in a flow, without bottlenecks and waste — which includes feedback and delayed approval from managers. Stop jumping directly on the results rather than looking at the process! This will enable you to focus on value streams so you can eliminate activities that add no value but consume your time.

Pipefy puts the proven benefits of Lean Management within easy reach, by enhancing agility, efficiency and delivering augmented customer value through optimization of workflows, granting higher quality outcomes.

Deliver value

Everything you do must add value to the stakeholders, and in the case of marketing and communication teams, delivering value means to generate more results with fewer resources.

Keep improving

If it doesn’t add value to your customer, it’s a waste. By optimizing workforce, sources and even money, marketing teams can prove their worth and focus on what really matters— delivering better outcomes.

Eliminate waste

There is always room to grow. Strive to do better by keeping up with your KPIs, renewing your strategies, making tests of everything you can and engaging your team to bring forth new ideas.

Lean Marketing is customer-driven, meaning executions are tailored to the customers—not the other way around


Take control over due date

Prevent delays in deliveries, avoid additional revisions and keep team aware and accountable. Using Pipefy, managers can be notified when campaigns or projects are late, giving them better control over the due date while informing the assignee when the SLA expires.

Collaborate with customers and team members

To create better and more effective marketing campaigns, you can collect customer feedback faster and have team members working on customer projects in a more aligned fashion. It prevents excessive emails from clients asking for updates, allowing quick and easy collaboration with colleagues.


Streamline creative briefs

A well-written brief helps you ensure you understand your customer’s demand, have a strategy for resolving it and understood the goals of the project! Gather all the requests and expectations, and standardize how the information is given through the creative process.

Learn from best practices

It’s safe to say that failing early (and even often) enables you to save time and money. With Pipefy, you can run experimental trials during the development of a campaign, instead of investing time and resources to a project that gives you valuable data just after the publication.


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