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Automate your daily operations with Pipefy Marketing

Build structured workflows to standardize marketing operations with the support of a customizable, no/low-code platform. Automate requests, creative briefings, plan and track campaigns, close deals and onboard new customers more efficiently.

Your job is to grow your brand and fill the sales funnel. Pipefy can help

Marketing managers are wasting valuable time on re-work and putting out fires. It’s time to bring structure to chaos. Gain visibility of your opportunities, and build real-time, error-free communication channels to streamline your marketing operations.


Customize your workflow by adding mandatory and dynamic fields, integrating with other apps, and connecting with other processes without technical help.


Maintain oversight of your team's operations, track each marketing request or sales lead's status, and receive additional information on ongoing processes to make more precise deliveries.

Improved communication

Creatives, salespeople, managers—keep everyone in the loop with automatic updates and approval flows.

Standardize your process. From creative brief, to design assets to delivery, define your process so requests are captured in a single channel and are executed in a standardized way.

Keep track of metrics such as speed of execution, productivity per team member, billable hours, rework/revision rate and much more, so you can continuously improve your processes.

Build a custom, automated workflow with a no/low-code platform and structure all marketing requests, so you can focus on more creative deliverables and complete your projects on-time.

Automate handoffs. From content creation to social media distribution, your workflow is smooth, integrated and error-free.

Integrate your Marketing and Sales operations to gain efficiency and standardize cross-functionally.

Accelerate feedback. Communicate with creative stakeholder within the platform, and build automated approval flows.

Automate management of sales opportunities, improve communication and start spending more time with customers, not on paperwork.

Standardize your sales funnel and lead-gen processes. Ensure leads get the information and content they need, when they need it.

Integrate your processes with database platforms, CRMs, social media and automated marketing software to build a stronger, more connected workflow.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

How IMImobile South Africa saved 80% of time on marketing requests with Pipefy

Leverage pre-built templates, or customize a process as unique as your company

Teams around the world improve their operations with Pipefy Marketing

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