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Sales Operations, also known as Sales Ops, is responsible for supporting the front line of the sales team. They lead the efforts to rev up the sales force and drive your sales team toward a better outcome!

Over the past few years, companies have been changing their mindset and becoming more customer-centric. If other businesses are taking over this new approach, have your sales strategies evolved or remained stagnant over time? Creating value across all sales stages is beyond relevant for delivering a better buyer experience.

If you are having a hard time centralizing the information you need, enduring miscommunication during sales stages or you can’t easily visualize numbers, leads or data, you are forgetting to deliver value! You can apply Lean and bring a higher quality sales experience to the table.


Pipefy is the Lean management platform where you can manage all your sales processes in a single place. Easily adapted to your unique needs, it will guide your team toward empowerment. There’s no option other than going Lean!

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Some ways to Lean your processes up

Centralize all your information

Compile all the information you need to better support your Sales Ops decision-making.

Control your team’s metrics

Since you have structured processes, metrics will be the key element to enhance! Kaizen is crucial to boost your customer experience.

Autopilot mode

Automate mundane tasks. Spend valuable time on what really matters, stop performing tasks by-hand. Use your time wisely!

Ensure team collaboration

Connect sales processes, lead your team to better outcomes using their collaboration to increase results!

Customer Helpdesk

Be sure you attend to your customer during all phases. Don’t lose sight of your clients at any moment, deliver real value.

Create a pattern to your processes

Don’t lose customers due to a lack of pattern. Apply the finest procedures to all stages of the sales cycle.


Here are some ready-to-use Pipefy templates. They’re all customizable, and if they don’t fit your needs, you can build your own process or customize the ones that already exist.

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Sales Operations must give
proper support to all operations.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

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