A/B Testing


Pipefy’s Free A/B Testing template is a helpful tool that was specially developed to test and analyze all the best possibilities for your website.

Create, implement and manage your A/B testing results in this easy template that allows you to centralize all your tests progress and information in one place.

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Pipefy's Free A/B Testing Template.

Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


Here are all the experiment ideas!

  1. Priority
  2. Test responsible

Data and Behavior

Analyse and gather up all relevant information that may help you!

  1. Analytics tools
  2. What’s the observed behavior?
  3. What was on the website’s analytics?
  4. User behavior tool


It’s time to plan your tests!

  1. Test’s goal
  2. How much effort will it take?
  3. What are your hypothesis?
  4. Where does it impact?
  5. Define the KPIs and target metrics
  6. How will you measure the results?


Time to build your tests and get them ready to roll!

  1. What are the links for the different versions of the page?
    • Link #1
    • Link #2
  2. How’s the original page?
  3. How’s the new page(s)?


Show time! Time to put your A/B tests to work!

  1. Which A/B testing tool will you use?
  2. How long will the test last?
  3. Was the test set up correctly?


Time to check whether the tests achieved the expected results!

  1. How much % did your results improved?
  2. Did the test achieved its goals?
  3. Results of the experiment
  4. Learning points


These are all your finished tests! Way to go!


Did you reconsider a test? Stopped it in the middle of the process? Put the card here!

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