A/B Testing Template


Pipefy’s Free A/B Testing template is a helpful tool that was specially developed to test and analyse all the best possibilities for your website.

Create, implement and manage your A/B testing results in this easy template that allows you to centralize all your tests progress and information in one place.


Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the A/B Testing Template?

  • Helps you create, manage and analyse all your A/B tests in a single place
  • Each card is represented by a card on this pipe, allowing you to run multiple tests at the same time
  • Centralizes all your testing information in a single place, making it easier to manage and track each test’s progress
  • Allows you to make changes to your website based on tested hypothesis
  • Optimises and helps you make the most out of your traffic analysis
  • Improves your understanding of your users behavior

A/B Testing Start Form

  • What is the experiment?



These are all the experiment ideas you and your team had! Assign a responsible and prioritize them for better control.

Data and Behavior

Are you ready to start testing?! Analyse and gather up all relevant information that may help you!


Now you’ve gathered all your data it’s time to plan your tests: determine the goal, create hypothesis and how you’ll measure it.


Time to build your tests and get them ready to roll!


These are all your finished tests! Way to go!


Did you reconsider a test? Stopped it in the middle of the process? Put the card here!