Marketing Campaign Management Template

Use this plug-and-play template to get started with Pipefy for Campaign Management and customize anything you want along the way.

How this template will make your work easier

This is why thousands of companies are choosing Pipefy


Plan and execute in one place

Gather all information around strategy, creative assets, feedback in a single place. Avoid loss of materials and optimize the campaign management process.


Keep up with deadlines

Define due dates for each task that needs to be delivered during a campaign and keep work on track so you can launch all of them on the same time.


Monitor performance better

Analyze campaign performance to understand what went right or wrong, build feedback loops inside the team and learn to be even better next time.

Every step to plan and launch marketing campaigns impeccably

Success in a campaign is 10% inspiration and 90% execution. This template will help you nail it.


Campaign planning

Define the main goals, target audience, strategies and all details needed to execute your campaign.




Assign the responsible for testing and reviewing all the topics before launching the campaign.



Launched campaigns

All live campaigns where you can keep up with performance and track target goals can be found here.



Campaign feedback

It’s time to analyze data! These are the campaigns that are not live anymore so you can examine their efficiency.


Start processing your Marketing Campaigns with Pipefy today

You’ll be in great company

Companies of all sizes around the world trust Pipefy to help them streamline and take control over their processes. This is one successful story:

African Subsidiary of Top 5 Global Telecom Provider

Manages hundreds of marketing requests per month in Pipefy.

Why they chose Pipefy:

  • To be able to improve consistency of briefing;
  • To manage the approval flows easily;
  • To improve the measurability of work and better report it;
  • To keep stakeholders updated on statuses through notifications.

Companies that reap the benefits of implementing Pipefy:


Integrate Pipefy with your favorite tools and apps

Easily enable native apps like Slack, GitHub and Google Hangouts and integrate with hundreds of other tools via Zapier. Or, if you prefer, access our public API, that uses GraphQL data query language that is flexible and returns predictable results.

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Start processing your Marketing Campaigns with Pipefy today