Content Marketing Template


Optimize your inbound marketing and lead nurturing strategies by organising your content creation process based on content marketing’s best practices!

Accompany your entire process, from brainstorming blog post ideas on your backlog to the choice of the most appropriate keywords for SEO strategies.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Content Marketing Template?

  • Helps the team prioritise what pieces of content must be produced and published first
  • Offers a step by step content writing process, optimised for SEO
  • Allows for easy and visual management of all workflow phases – from brainstorming, to writing, approval and publishing

Content Marketing Start Form

  • Subject
  • Priority?
    • Critical
    • High Priority
    •  Neutral
    • Low priority
    • Unknown
  • Content details



This is where you determine the person responsible for producing this content (and when it should be delivered).


Show time! Find your inspiration and get to writing!


Here goes the content that’s ready, waiting to be reviewed and approved.


Approved content, waiting to be published. Don’t forget to run a last check on everything!

  • 1. Publishing checklist
    • Formatting
    • Content
    • Images
    • Source for quoted contents
    • Image source credits
    • Keyword on description (post for SEO)
    • Outbound links working properly
    • Keyword on H1, H2 and H3
    • Keyword on URL
    • At least three outbound links
    • Keyword in Meta Description


Congratulations! Your content is published!


Gathering dust…