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Pipefy’s Content Marketing template gives you all the tools necessary to control, execute and deliver an impeccable strategy. Track the entire creation process, from backlogged ideas to SEO optimization, and nurture leads with flawless content.

More productivity, less rework

Say goodbye to rework and empower your marketing team to collect all inputs they need to get requests right the first time. No more chasing down required information across multiple channels or missing important content creation or optimization steps.

With Pipefy’s Content Marketing template, you choose how to gather requests from stakeholders and ensure no detail is left behind. Run a streamlined execution process to receive requests, understand the audience’s needs, approve and deliver content on time!

All you need for flawless content deliveries

Get demands right the first time

Collect content ideas and other requests in a single place and ensure they follow the same format.

Be on top of your operation

Gain full visibility of your process. Keep track of deadlines, people involved and say goodbye to putting out fires.

Ensure hassle-free approvals

Create your own automation rules and ensure that content approvals will be done when the time comes.

Collect the essentials and get right the first time

Stop chasing information across different channels and in mismatched formats. Get the most out of Pipefy’s service portals and online forms to customize content creation briefings according to your team’s needs.

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Choose which information is mandatory and ensure that no detail gets skipped. Customize your Content Marketing’s online form by selecting different types of formats, checklists, contacts, attachments (possibilities are endless) – then easily share your custom form stakeholders.

This way, the marketing team can confidently begin content creation by understanding the requirements for the asset, when it needs to be delivered and efficiently collect any necessary approvals and feedback to complete great work faster.

Improve the team's capability to deliver more and better

Pipefy’s Content Marketing template allows you to run a streamlined content creation operation and ensures all team members work in sync by providing full visibility of its steps – from collecting ideas, performing keyword research, writing SEO-optimized content, gathering approvals and finally publishing their piece of work.

Accompany the creation process with full visibility of deadlines. Track which team member is working on what assets and guarantee that approvals don’t linger by automating review flows accordingly to your own rules.

Customize according to your needs along the way and adapt the template to your content team’s requirements, providing the alignment they need to work collaboratively and assertively.

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Keep track of key indicators

Monitor your team’s performance to avoid possible time-wasting blockers. Pipefy’s Dashboards allow you to access data from your workflows and combine filters or indicators to view exactly the information you want to analyze.

Adapt this template for your needs and hit the ground running

Fast and simple to deploy

Get started with your process in minutes with this easy-to-use template.


Customize your unique needs without help from the IT department.

Wide app integrations

Connect your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing tools with Pipefy to build a truly integrated operation.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

Teams across the globe love Pipefy

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Since we implemented Pipefy, we have been able to control and automate many processes, from operational and simple processes, such as task management, to business processes, such as executive search professionals (a type of service we provide). Our efficiency increased between 30 and 40% after Pipefy’s implementation.

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