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Pipefy’s Bug Tracking Template is ideal for centralizing and keeping all your bugs organized. It helps you classify and prioritize them so they can be fixed.

This template comes with a detailed start form that allows your team to properly record the bug’s details – the time it was reported, its severity, where it happened, as well as a method of evaluating its impacts on the user experience and on your business goals.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


Define the bug!

  • 1. Where is the bug?

    • Frontend
    • Backend
    • Content (webpages or similar)
  • 2. How does the bug impact the users?

    • Blocker
    • Critical
    • Function loss (no workaround)
    • Function loss (with workaround)
    • Cosmetic problems
    • Enhacement Request
  • 3. What's the priority?

    • Critical
    • Top Priority
    • Neutral
    • Low Priority
    • Unknown


These are the bugs prioritised bugs waiting to be fixed!


Bug waiting for the QA validation.

  • 1. Who will perform the validation?

  • 2. Bug status

    • Solved
    • Unsolved
    • On hold
  • 3. Validation details

  • 4. Attach files if necessary


Congrats! These bugs are smashed!


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