Campaign Briefing


Pipefy’s Campaign Briefing Template is a step-by-step process, specially developed for companies that run a marketing area and have to manage multiple requests for the creation of ad campaigns.

This template will help you create and manage these requests a lot faster, sending your marketing team all the information they need in an organized and standardized way.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Here’s where all campaigns will be gathered.

  1. What’s the priority?
    • Critical
    • Top Priority
    • Neutral
    • Low Priority
    • Unknown
  2. Who’s responsible for this campaign?
  3. What’s the due date?

Determine how will the campaign be done!

  1. How are we doing this campaign?
    • Internally
    • Outsourced
  2. What is the completion percentage?
  3. Attach the campaign file:

Show the client your good work! Send the campaign and ask for feedback and approval.

  1. Did the client approve the campaign?
  2. How much effort will it take to make the changes?

Campaign adjustments

Change what needs to be changed and send the final version for approval!


Congratulations! You’re an execution machine!


Old campaigns, gathering dust in the shelves…

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