Customer Helpdesk Template


Pipefy’s Customer Helpdesk Template is designed to make support ticket and customer requisition management a lot easier, focusing on delivering the best customer service.

Managing your customer tickets will be a lot easier with this template: tickets and requisitions can be easily opened with all the information you deem necessary for their appropriate treatment and they’re all centralized in a single place for easy tracking and monitoring.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Customer Helpdesk Template?

  • Keeps all your customer tickets and requests neatly standardised and centralised in one place
  • Ensures all the information your teams may need to respond appropriately to the tickets will be provided and in one place, saving time and effort
  • Helps the team organise the tickets and requests according to priority and date they’ve been opened (or according to any other item you may consider determinant), making resource planning a lot easier
  • Offers a simple timeline view of all requests and its status, allowing for easy reporting to all those involved

Customer Helpdesk Start Form

  • What’s the type of request?
  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your email?
  • Do you have further detail?



First step: qualify the priority of assistance of this request and assign it to a responsible.


Here is the place where the requests your team is currently working on are.


These are the requests on standby.



Done and done! Case closed.