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IT Service Desk Template


Pipefy’s IT Service Desk Template is a step-by-step process specially designed to help you track and manage all the tickets created by your company’s teams for the IT department!

Instead of using emails, forms or fragile spreadsheets, use this free template and run your IT Service Desk with Pipefy. The main concept behind this template is organizing your IT tickets like a production line and giving your team detailed instructions, walking them through every step of the process.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the IT Service Desk Template?

  • Asks the user to give detailed information about what they need (by following a structured process)
  • Visually tells the support team what they have to do
  • Helps your team qualify the urgency and priority of your open tickets
  • Provides you with automated alerts for late and expired tickets (SLAs)
  • Sends automated emails to update your internal customers
  • Helps discover what are the root causes of problems

IT Service Desk Start Form

  • What’s your email?
  • What’s the subject of your request?
  • Why are you creating this request?
  • More info:



First step: here’s where you’ll qualify the urgency and priority of each request so they can be assisted.


These are the active requests – the ones currently being worked on.


Requests on stand-by – waiting for missing information, approval or something else entirely.


Done and done! Congratulations, you’re an execution machine!


Old and dusty things, long gone in the past…