Process mapping


Process mapping is the act of creating a workflow diagram with the goal of gaining a clearer understanding of how a process and its parallel processes work. With process maps, employees-especially in upper-level management can easily gain an overview of how processes are carried out, how they can be improved or limited, and how many of the steps taken are necessary to drive the process to its end.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Process name
  2. Process mapping assignee
  3. Department

Problem spotting

  1. What is the trigger?
  2. What is the process’ end?
  3. Decide what level of detail to include.
  4. What determines this process’ success?
  5. What happens between the trigger and the end?
  6. Please upload any related documentation.

Information gathering

  1. What are the process’ main goals?
  2. What can go wrong?
  3. Which key controls can be used?
  4. Get further insight from the team.

Action ordering

  1. List all activities and people in charge Date

Optimization and review

  1. Could this process be more effective?
  2. Could it be more efficient?
  3. How can I make it more effective and efficient?

System modeling

  1. Put a presentation together

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