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Process Mapping Template


Pipefy’s Free Process Mapping Template was specially developed to help you map, evaluate and manage all your processes!

This process template makes it easier to make necessary changes to develop a better workflow. From the trigger action to the end of the process: understand the entire workflow to figure out to make it more effective and efficient!

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Process Mapping Template?

  • Makes it easier to organize and improve any process
  • Helps you centralize all the information about your processes in one place
  • Signalizes and helps you dynamically understand your process’ bottlenecks
  • Improves your process’ efficiency and effectiveness
  • Helps compare your processes and get insights

Process Mapping Start Form

  • What’s the process’ name?
  • Who’s responsible for mapping this process?



Take an objective look at your process and try to fully understand all its steps!


Time to get all the information you can! Why? What? How? Ask around for insights and more details!


Build a draft of the process’ flow with all the listed activities and the people in charge of them!


Analyse the mapped process and ask whether and how it could be better.


Put all the information together, and find creative ways to present it to your team.


Done! Here go the processes you’ve mapped and presented to your team!

Everything you need to know about Process Mapping