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SEM Management Template


Pipefy’s Free SEM Management Template was specially developed based on the market’s SEM best practices to help you manage your company’s online campaigns.

This simple model allows you to centralize all your campaign’s information and accompany how things are doing – so you can change anything if you have to. Set due dates, target keywords, goals, audience and many other specifications to make your SEM campaigns more effective!

*Template created with the help of Metrics and Performance Consultant Fernando Kanarski

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the SEM Management Template?

  • Helps centralize all your SEM campaigns information in one place, making it easier to track results
  • Provides guidelines to help plan, define and analyse your campaign
  • Allows you to set reminders to go back and validate how things are going

SEM Management Start Form

  • What’s the campaign’s name?
  • What’s the type of campaign?
    • Google Search
    • Google Shopping (PLA)
    • Google Search Dynamic (DSA)
    • Google Search for Mobile Apps
    • Google Search Call Extension
    • Google Display
    • Google Remarketing
    • Youtube
    • Gmail
  • What are the keywords?
  • What are the target ads?
  • What are the internal goals?
    • Branding
    • Conversions
    • App Download
    • E-commerce
    • Link to site
    • Product promotion
    • Visits on company
    • Re impact visitor on site
    • Visits on site
    • Video views



This is where you’ll further define your campaign: ad groups, extensions, start and end date, everything you need to get it going!

Result Analysis

Time to gather and analyse data to see whether your campaign was a big hit or a big miss.

Finished Campaigns

Done and done! Finished and analysed campaigns!