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Pipefy’s Free SEM Management Template was specially developed based on the market’s SEM best practices to help you manage your company’s online campaigns.

This simple model allows you to centralize all your campaign’s information and accompany how things are doing – so you can change anything if you have to. Set due dates, target keywords, goals, audience and many other specifications to make your SEM campaignsmore effective!

*Template created with the help of Metrics and Performance Consultant Fernando Kanarski

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


  1. What are the campaign’s ad groups?
  2. What are the campaign’s ad extensions?
  3. What’s your budget/day?
  4. What are the target results?
  5. What’s the campaign start date?
  6. What’s the campaign end date?
  7. What are the bidding strategies?
    • Target CPA
    • Manual CPC
    • Optimized CPC
    • Target search page location
    • Maximize clicks
    • Target Outranking Share
    • Target ROAS
  8. What’s the campaign’s display network?
  9. What’s the campaign’s deliver mode?
    • Keyword
    • Site
    • Topic
    • Interest
    • Remarketing
  10. When’s the next validation date?

Online Campaigns

  1. What were the observed positive points?
  2. What were the observed negative points?
  3. What are the necessary improvements?
  4. What were the negative keywords?
  5. Set a reminder for the next validation date:

Result Analysis

  1. How many clicks did you get with this campaign?
  2. What was the average cost per click?
  3. Task checklist:
    • Pause ads
    • Create reports
    • Review reports
    • Send reports
  4. What was the total number of conversions?
  5. What was the campaign’s conversion rate?
  6. What was the cost per conversion?
  7. What was the overall campaign rating?
    • Excellent
    • Good
    • Average
    • Bad
    • Critical
  8. What are your final comments?

Finished Campaigns

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