What is a workflow management system?

Managing your company’s workflows is one of the most important attributions of any workflow management system, either if it’s cloud-based or an offline app. Getting the work done correctly and in a timely fashion is the whole purpose of having established, well managed workflows.

What is a workflow management system?

A workflow management system is a type of software that provides organizations with the necessary means to setup, execute and oversee their workflows. They are the ideal environment to plan and conduct experiments to measure, analyse and improve your department’s or even your company’s productivity. You can think of them as the command center of the workflow.

The coordination of the gears that establish your company’s workflow, often called orchestration, is one of the most important functions of a workflow management system. Workflow orchestration can be compared in precision to the task of directing a symphony. Each part of the workflow must play its part perfectly in key and on time.

When research becomes more dependent upon computerized programs, larger quantities of experimentation data ca be documented with greater precision and at a faster pace. This has caused a substantial increase in the intricacy of scientific simulation software. Since many tools are only designed for one task, several are joined together in a sort of pipeline to give example to a useful experiment.

Other problems come from the need to address mismatched data formats that different services create or consume. A large amount of computer science know-how is required to overcome the compatibility problems, but human scientists simply do not have the pertinent expertise to address each and every concern.

This is why scientific workflows that are computerized have been implemented to easily identify the task and perform it using their specialized set of skills. By combining several tools into a single research analysis program, the technical details of the workflow are more easily delegated and therefore, time and resources are saved. Workflow management systems are virtually invaluable!

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