Case Study

Sofisa Bank: Offering High-Quality Customer Services with Automation

How Sofisa Bank automates their customer requests and fulfills 95% on time with Pipefy.

About Sofisa Bank

Sofisa Bank focuses on supporting companies and large investors, ever since their start in 1961. The company is a leader in credit analysis with exceptional customer support quality.

Sofisa Bank currently has 15 agencies in Brazil, offering a wide range of products and services, including investments, insurance, exchange services, and foreign trade, as well as financing and loans.

Challenged by unstandardized solutions

One of Sofisa Bank’s priorities is offering an excellent experience to their customers. Customer Support is a vital operation for the company. The bank has a commercial department with managers who connect directly to customers and an operations team who fulfills all services requested by managers.

Good communication between these departments is essential to ensure the best possible customer experience. In practice, however, exchanges between these departments were complicated and deadlines were often missed. Requests from the commercial department to the operations team were conducted entirely through email, without any standard or oversight.

Because all communication happened over email, we couldn’t track it, standardize it, or get performance indicators from the requests we received. We had a lot of parallel conversations about each request.
Henrique Kusaba
Banking Operations Specialist at Sofisa Bank

Improving internal customers’ experiences with Pipefy

In 2020, Sofisa Bank decided to centralize all of these requests in Pipefy. Their goal was to gain efficiency with their information flow, improving their internal and external clients’ experiences in the process.

By implementing Pipefy, commercial managers were able to access a Portal containing all the services they could request from the operation team. These services were each separated into their own online forms.

[image caption: A screenshot from Sofisa Bank’s operations teams’ Pipefy Portal. It contains links that allow users to post a series of requests, such as contract implementation, fee negotiation, process formalization, home equity, and more.]

The main processes available include:

  • Contract implementation (Customer onboarding): in which the operations team analyzes the contract, validates their approved credit, and opens the customer’s account.
  • Post-implementation requests: for when managers need specific services, such as reversal of a value, transfer between a client’s different accounts, or negotiating account fees.

One of the main advantages of Pipefy for the operations team  was the capacity to communicate automatically with each account’s manager. As requests are processed, internal clients are kept informed via automatic emails.

The operations team increased their efficiency and provided requesters a better experience through automatic and centralized notifications in Pipefy. Before Pipefy, each employee was interrupted several times a day with inquiries about the status of each request. Now, each account manager can view all their requests with the Request Tracker.

Standardizing workflows also allows the operations team to automate repetitive tasks. For example, when a customer request with certain characteristics arrives, Pipefy automatically delegates the request to the correct person, speeding up request screening.

Our communication with each requester improved a lot. We offer a portal for requests, send automatic email updates, and we can let each manager look up the status of their requests in a single place. The combination of these features gives our internal clients a great experience
Henrique Kusaba
Banking Operations Specialist at Sofisa Bank

Results: efficient processes and reliable indicators

After a year and a half of partnership with Pipefy, Sofisa Banks’s operations team has already achieved impressive results. According to Henrique Kusaba, there are three key benefits that the team can show as proof of the partnership’s success:

  • Ability to track key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Offering requesters a better experience
  • Efficiency gains thanks to process automation

Before Pipefy, managers had no way to track the number of services provided, employee productivity, or measure how long fulfilling each request took. Now, with Pipefy, the team can view all this data in customized reports, saving time and helping managers make data-based decisions.

By viewing and controlling KPIs, the operations team was able to predict how long each type of service would take. This allowed them to set deadlines and SLAs, so customers were informed from the start. Currently, the team can offer clients a much better experience, with a 95% rate of services delivered within their deadline.

At the same time, process automation has become a routine at Sofisa Bank. Pipefy allows them to automate most of their manual processes — such as emails, request screening, team connections, and more.

Sofisa Bank’s team has been automating tasks ever since implementing Pipefy, and since 2022, they’ve also added Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to their workflows. Bots can now perform 100% of repetitive tasks on their own by receiving structured data from Pipefy and carrying on with the work.

Our main achievement with Pipefy is data control. In our monthly meetings, I can present a report in which I have 100% confidence, and it doesn’t even take me five minutes to export all the data.
Henrique Kusaba
Banking Operations Specialist at Sofisa Bank

Next steps: HR, IT, and more RPA

In 2021, after Pipefy introduced exceptional efficiency to Sofisa Bank, they started implementing additional client-facing operations on the platform.

By the end of 2021, the Human Resources team started using Pipefy for their processes, like Recruiting and Admission, to centralize candidate and employee data in the platform.

In 2022, their team intends to manage even more processes with Pipefy and increase the number of fully-automated processes, aided by their RPA solution.