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Benefits of Pipefy, the Process Excellence Platform

Better Communication, Higher NPS

Promote long-term customer satisfaction with proactive communication via email messaging, templates, and automation.

Faster Response Time

Automated ticket assignments to the right team member and manage SLAs for a quick time to first response.

Smooth Onboarding with Automation

Welcome, reach out, and guide your customers through their onboarding with automated messaging.

Reduce Churn and Increase Customer Retention

Manage customer accounts, keep track of follow-ups, and measure customer happiness in one platform.

Know When to Upsell

Easily measure health by generating reports regularly so you know the right moment when your customer is ready for account expansion.

Account Expansion

Identify and take advantage of expansion opportunities with your customers that builds trust and ensures the customers accelerate their path to success.


Never lose your rhythm. The connections feature allows you to easily collaborate on tickets, integrate pipes from different subteams, keep track of subtasks, and smoothly pass-over customer accounts to other team members.
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Keep your customer’s information safe, secure, and in one place. Link your data to specific cards within Pipefy and always have a 360 degree overview of your team performance and customer health.
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Powerful Customizable Reports

Generate reports to measure your team’s performance, the health of a customer, customer satisfaction and more. Have the data you need to track metrics like Churn, response time, or NPS.
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SLA Management for Tickets

Always be on top of your response time by creating service-level-agreements for incoming tickets and managing team efficiency. Team members can easily track their response time with SLA labels.
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Communicate Effectively with Email Messaging

Make regular contact with customers frictionless for you team by centralizing emails in a single platform. View email history and responses in Pipefy, or create email templates for event based automation.
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“Pipefy revolutionized the way we see and build our processes at Accenture. Its flexibility and ease of use made us improve our productivity and quality of delivery in several processes and projects we manage.”

  • Trusted by companies that want results

  • Telefonica
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