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Many companies are already using Lean methodology to create the perfect customer journey. Start measuring your funnel efficiency and integrate the Customer Success department within the whole company.

Pipefy empowers managers to take control and improve all processes inside a company without any technical skills. With Pipefy, you’ll be able to create workflows adapted to your unique needs that continuously measure and improve your process efficiency. It looks nice, but why should you use Pipefy to manage a Customer Success department?

Customer Success is all about mapping and building a way to deliver value to every client of your company—as Lean methodology indicates. This is the first step to make your process Lean. Identifying what’s valuable to your client will allow you to understand what processes you need to focus on and what processes you should stop wasting time.

Lincoln Murphy, a reference in the Customer Success methodology, defines it this way: “Customer Success is when customers achieve their Desired Outcome through their interactions with your company.” Blending both concepts, it’s easy to understand that “Lean’s value” is the same as the “desired outcome” that Murphy speaks on.

Customer Success Operations should be, per definition, Lean.

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Benefits of Pipefy, the Lean Management Platform

Lean Process = Higher NPS

If your process is organized, your communications will more assertive and your customers will be happier. Using Pipefy, you won’t waste your time looking for information or requests.

Faster Response Time

Automatix tickets assignments and emails let you stop wasting time on repetitive tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

See What’s Going On

If you see the entire process, you can easily identify where the bottlenecks are, next step and which clients offer an expansion opportunity.

Reduce Churn and Increase Customer Retention

Manage customer accounts, keep track of follow-ups, and measure customer happiness in one platform.

More Efficient Onboarding

Plan your customer onboarding process to guide your new clients, so they can start using your product or service quickly and easily.

Know When to Upsell

Easily measure health by generating reports regularly so you know the exact moment that your customer is ready for account expansion

Integrate all your Customer Success processes in one platform

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