Payables management for travel agencies


Sales are issued on the site and for each new sale, a new card should be generated in Pipefy.
The seller must enter the information regarding the reservation and send the card for the issuance of the invoice for payment of the reservation to the hotel or similar.
Upon receipt of the invoice, the payment is scheduled and checked.
The reconciled bank statement should be attached and automatically sent by email template to the accounting sector when moving to the next phase.

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Template structure

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Start form

  1. Sale ID
  2. Client’s name
  3. Hotel
  4. Amount to be paid to the hotel
  5. Attachment

Invoice received

  1. Invoicing assignee
  2. Invoice received
  3. Invoice origin
    • Email
    • Postal services
    • Web

Sales invoicing

  1. Scheduling proof
  2. Payment date postponing

Accounts payable

  1. Payment date
  2. Reconciled statement


  1. Accounting’s email
  2. Has the reconciled statement been archived?
    • Yes
    • No

Submitted to Accounting

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